Gary, our spirit animal.

Let’s face it: computer science is hard.

It’s huge. It’s fast-paced. It can be scary, especially if you’re just interested in learning about tech (not one of those crazy coders who’ve been building computers since elementary school). There’s always so much going on with computer science, and it’s so technical that finding a good tutorial or class is either too complicated or doesn’t scratch the subjects surface.

That’s why we created elore: to make all aspects of computer science accessible to everybody - from the theory of computer science to the large-scale systems built upon it (and all the side projects in-between).

We want to abstract away all the proofs and code snippets, and instead focus on helping exploring ideas within computer science. We believe that the subject is so intuitive that it actually can be fun to explore on your own time. Our feature series are our Essence of Computer Science and Essence of Software Engineering. Each installment is neither a lecture nor a tutorial - we offer handcrafted 10 to 15ish minute reads with interesting visuals to guide you. Our aim is to give you an understanding of the topic with optional code and math. The two series are comlpetely seperate, but since computer science and software engineering are so intertwined, we include references to understand to interplay between the practices.

Since elore was originally a startup put together at MIT using open source technology by Neeraj Aggarwal and Arun Kirubarajan, we have are also dedicated to giving back to the open source community by developing MIT licensed software that range from free applications to web development libraries. In addition, we will soon be launching miscellaneous Tutorials that focus specifically on practical development that keep up with recent trends!

We’re making learning computer science easier. So, start learning today. It’s free and it always will be.